Because our Platforms are cloud based it means that personalising or customising a product can take place virtually anywhere that there is a printer

  • People can create a customised product on any internet enabled device such as a website, smartphone, home PC or instore kiosk

  • That device then sends the customisation details to Gateway OMS which creates the artwork ready for printing

  • Depending on how the instructions from the device, Gateway OMS will then deliver the artwork direct to a printer, into a factory workflow or enable it to be downloaded by the user

  • Gateway OMS can also keep an eye on blank products or print media stock and it could even raise a purchase order if the fulfilment location did not have available stock to print

  • This flexible approach means that customers could even choose the location where they want their product made – this is how we can deliver “Click & Collect” personalisation

  • Our production rules (batch templates) also enable our system to dynamically select a production location so that an order to be delivered in one country and can be printed in that same country

How We Can Help Deliver Mass Customisation?