Advances in printer technology, software platforms and customer demand have seen an increase in the number of retailers offering mass customisation or personalised options. Detailed below is an infographic that shows the increasing number of locations where personalisation takes place

Our Custom Product Platform (CPP) and Order Management System (OMS) are both key tools that make personalisation possible anywhere you want

  • Gateway OMS is a workflow system designed for orders of one that can be easily rolled out to multiple warehouses
  • Gateway OMS is cloud based so makes it easier to manage dropship orders to printers
  • Gateway CPP creates print ready artwork so any team member can just scan to print
  • Gateway OMS is integrated with many leading equipment manufacturers to help create a seamless workflow for on demand products
  • Gateway CPP supports Smartlink POS / Kiosks apps designed for Instore Kiosks
  • Order Manager Lite is a cut down production system designed for instore use
  • Gateway CPP Smartlinks have a download options so home users can create and download their artwork for Printables