When people talk about mass customised or personalised products they tend to think mainly about what we call „predesigns“ when a customer changes part of design to personalise it but our software caters for lots of other ways a product can be customised. The infographic opposite illustrates the four main ways you can customise

User Generated Content – is probably the most popular and can be broken into 2 main areas – photo gifts when users upload their own photos / images to blank products and print on demand marketplaces where designers upload their creations to blank products that are then sold as fixed designs on sites like Zazzle.com

Branded & Licensed Content – a real growth area for both personalised and print on demand where brands like Disney allow their assets to be sold for personalisation and print on demand. Fans love to buy something unique

Designer Images & Patterns – this is where you can upload collections of images and patterns as galleries and allow the customer to choose the one(s) they want to use. It is a quick way to set up plots of products and allows content owners control of what images are used and limit the personalisation options

Parts & Components – are becoming more and more popular options to create configurable products. At its most simple it is a mix and match of colour options and at its most complex is a total design your own product like Nike ID . The good news is just like the other option above Custom gateway can provide solutions out of the box for your business