Keeping the Blue Flag Flying High with On-Demand Production

The beauty of On-Demand production means that products can be created, printed and sold within minutes. No more waiting around for your favourite product, or the horror of a product you love being out-of-stock. An incredible example of the efficiency, reliability and power of On-Demand production is from Manchester City Football Club.

Founded in 1880, Manchester City has grown to become a top-flight football club in the United Kingdom, and is world-renowned for Premier League appearances. The club wanted merchandise to celebrate their potential fourth-year running win at the FA Cup Semi Finals against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium. In order to release products right as the winning goal would be scored, they chose our On-Demand solution at midday on Wednesday 14th April 2021. One hour later, the products were delivered to the club. This was a risk-free solution, given the chance that the club might not win the game, and so didn’t want to gamble on traditionally produced stock.

As the full-time whistle went and the game was won, Manchester City FC immediately hit launch on these products and started selling winner’s merchandise in seconds.

That’s the power of On-Demand. 

If your brand is interested in joining Manchester City and a whole host of other top-flight football clubs and brands that are embracing the On-Demand business model, get in touch below to arrange a free consultation with a member of our expert team.

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