Gateway OMS is one of the only workflow systems designed especially for the production of personalised and on demand products, but we understand that it will not always be the best option for all retailers or members of our supplier network. So, we have developed a range of integrations with other workflow and bespoke supplier systems used in the mass customisation supply chain. Detailed below is an overview of the various options available:

Download from Retailer OMS

Only available to suppliers connected to a retailer with an Gateway OMS Order & Workflow Manager Subscription

Gateway OMS Supplier Order Manager

Retailers subscribing to Gateway OMS Order & Workflow Manager can offer their suppliers a lower cost subscription to manage their orders directly in Gateway OMS. Subscription includes access to Developers API and Export Tools

Manage All Orders in OMS

All the functionality you need to manage orders for personalised products from any source

Gateway OMS Order & Workflow Manager

Designed especially for managing the production of personalised and on demand products everything you need to improve your productivity and workflow

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Export Orders to Other System

Retailers can use Gateway OMS tools to export to or integrate with other production systems

Gateway OMS Order Manager

Detailed below on this page is an overview of the different tools and other system integrations available as standard in Gateway OMS to enable Retailers to integrate with a whole range of suppliers offering mass customisation fulfilment

OMS Standard Export Options


Download Orders via FTP

Supplier Link Generic File System

Download XML orders from FTP site to transfer into other systems then upload order status changes to confirm receipt and despatch

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dropshipping-Lieferanten - CSV Datei zur Erstellung von Produkten

CSV Bridge

Download CSV via FTP

Supplier Link CSV Bridge

Download CSV orders from FTP site to transfer into other systems then upload order status changes to confirm receipt and despatch

Hot Folder

Send Orders Direct to Printer

Download Orders to your Hot Folder

Download order artwork files to a hot folder via FTP or Amazon S3 Bucket and synchronise direct with your printer

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Get Orders Sent Via EMail

Orders Auto eMailed for Manual Production

Set up with our emailer integration and order details are emailed to a selected email address every hour so they can be produced

Integrated Workflow Systems

Detailed below are some of the most popular workflow systems that are used by companies involved in on demand fulfilment and are now integrated with Gateway OMS

Current Direct Supplier Integrations

Detailed below are some example integrations with suppliers own systems. They do not represent all the available dropship suppliers in our network just the ones using their own systems. For a more comprehensive list of all of our connected suppliers for dropship and on demand products who can accept orders directly from our product personalisation apps please visit our supplier network page.

Photo Print

Leading UK & European printer of photo books, wall art & gifts

Digital Print

Global leader in mass customisation for batches of 1. Best know for,uk

Photo Print

US & European photo print and photo gift fulfilment company

Digital & Photo

UK & US digital print company for photo prints, commercial print & wall art


US Print On Demand textile specialist who cover a very large range of sublimation products

Digital & Apparel

UK, US & European supplier of clothing and other promotional products


UK based personalisation specialist with a wide range of different decoration methods


Personalised books and licensed content available on a wide range of products



UK largest embroidery company who specialist in on demand fulfilment


No minimum order on a wide range of products for promotional or personalised


High end Personalised gift supplier with a range of unique designs

Apparel Printer

T-Shirt & Sons

DTG Apparel specialist for high volume mass production

Apparel Printer


Specialist DTG Printer in the US

Dropship Stock


UK Fashion Retailer


Your Content Goes Here

Photo & Personalised

District Photo

Large US Photo & Personalised Gifts Fulfilment Company

Apparel Printer


Contract US DTG Print & Fulfilment

Dropship Stock

Your Content Goes Here

Apparel Printer


US Printer of Apparel and Accessories

Mass Customization

Scalable Press

US Mass Customization Specialist with DTG, Embroidery & Sublimation

Dropship Stock


Global fashion brand

Mass Customisation

Your Surprise

Dutch based Mass Customisation Experts

Your Content Goes Here

T-Shirt Printers

Dream Junction

US DTG Specialists

Photo Print

National Photo

US Photo Print & Photo Gift Specialists

Latest Integrations