Join the Print-on-Demand Revolution With Your Own Micro-Factory

Micro-Factories make print-on-demand possible. We can help you lead the charge and harness their transformative, disruptive potential today.

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Microfactories are the future of direct-to-garment printing

The global market is huge, become a printing pioneer.

The global printing market is expected to be worth a staggering $821 Billion by 2022, with the charge lead by digital and print-on-demand methods.

Smithers (The Future of Global Printing to 2024)

Why Set Up A Microfactory?

Tired of the traditional printing business model? Us too. With your micro-factory, gone are the extortionate manufacturing costs that are incurred upfront. The long wait for customers to see and buy your products is over. No longer will you have to try and make enough money to recoup your investments and make a profit. Print-on-Demand is the change you are looking for, and it couldn’t be simpler.

What Makes Micro-Factories Unique?

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Micro-Factories Make It Possible

Custom Gateway are pioneers of the print-on-demand business model, it’s in our blood. By becoming your own micro-factory, you are harnessing an ultra-efficient and agile business model that is designed to work for you, with profits delivered upfront, no minimums and no inventories. Custom Gateway are here to help you join the print-on-demand revolution that is changing the way we produce products forever. Want proof? An example is seen here, with our Gateway Order Management System (OMS) linked with Kornit’s superb printing technology.

  • Orders go directly to your production facility, from the retailer

  • No additional equipment, labour or chemistry required

  • From an idea to a clothes-rack within 8 days.

  • Customisable and optimisable for any type of product, from sublimation to direct-to-garment.

The eCommerce Landscape is Changing, We Help You Be Ready.

We live in an economy fueled by a culture of ‘See-Now, Buy-Now’ and eCommerce immediacy. The print-on-demand/micro-factory business model is tailored to help you benefit from this.

Products can go from an idea to a physical product within days, compared to traditionally weeks and months. If you want to get ahead of your competitors in this ever-changing world, harness its potential today.

We’re the experts in print-on-demand – and our customers think so too.

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Custom Gateway is an invaluable part of our business. An incredible business, right at the very heart of eCommerce, today and in the future.

Jeremy Stakol, CEO, Lipsy

Print-On-Demand is the future business. Becoming a micro-factory get’s you ahead.

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