We are really pleased to launch our new 1-Click eCommerce Smartlinks to help make it easier to sell personalised products almost anywhere. All you need is a Stripe Account and you can start selling in most currencies without the need for a full eCommerce website

All Gateway CPP users can create a smartlink add their Stripe details and publish in emails, blogs or on social media – just take a look at the examples below. You can either sell your own products or use one of our dropship suppliers selling either a single product or using a smartlink product selector to sell a full range

The example above can be embedded into any blog or non eCommerce website page or just sent as a hyperlink in an email. You can change the Add to Cart button to „Pay Now“ and when you click the button it will launch the Stripe Payment Gateway to manage payment. We can collect your address either via Stripe or as part of the smartlink order process

The widget opposite is from Pinterest and show how you can use a 1-Click Smartlink to sell directly from a pin

Both links are live so do feel free to try them – you will not be charged unless you want to order a print and enter your card details

Here is a Twitter widget that shows how good the smartlink will look on Twitter – this took me only a few minutes to publish and is now ready to start taking orders

These links can also be used instore or on a mobile device using a POS Smartlink helping you sell instore without a credit card terminal

My final example is a Facebook offer a new feature on facebook that allows you to post a 1-Click Smartlink as an offer so you can sell direct from facebook without an eCommerce website

Just go to the offers section on your Facebook page to create offers to attract customers, post discounts or deals directly from your page.
People who save them will get notifications before they expire. You can then private message people, share with a group and if anyone sabes your offer they will get a reminder before it expires – you can see an example on our facebook page 

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