Detailed Feature Overview

  • Add to any website either as a create sample button or embedded on the page
  • Each product has its own unique URL for embedding
  • Choose style of sample tool to display on your site – can even be modified with CSS
  • Choose order the tabs appear on each product
  • Choose whether to add a save or enquiry button
  • Can also be added to social media pages
  • Give your staff a log on so they can create virtual samples for your clients
  • Create in 2D or 3D
  • No need for specialist artwork skills anyone can create a sample
  • Search 1000s of products or browse by category
  • Add images from multiple sources or saved logo galleries for each client
  • Save your sample with a Name and Useful Notes
  • Saved images can be Dynamic Links / Static / Animated or sent a PDF Ideas Sheet
  • All saved samples are stored in your Sample Manager
  • Search by Name, Product or Category
  • Create Print Sheets to Showcase Multiple Samples on a single presentation
  • Include QR codes so Samples can be transfered to smartphones
  • Use Samples to create products for resale on your website
  • Add an order directly to your workflow from a sample
  • Send a proof approval link directly from a sample
  • Add an enquiry for any sample created to enquiry manager
  • Download or create all image assets again if needed
  • Pick up all your enquiries in one place
  • Enquiries can either be generated at the same time as a sample or just from an enquiry form
  • Mark them as completed as your respond to them
  • View related samples if enquiry included a sample
  • Turn enquiries directly into quotations for single or multiple products
  • Send out electronic proof approval links from samples created or proof manager interface
  • Proof links can be emailed from the screen
  • Stored database of customers and auto searches for them as you type
  • All proofs sent can be viewed and filtered in proof manager by not approved / approved / rejected
  • Search proofs by customer or product name
  • Customers can approve or reject emailed proof links
  • If rejected proofs can be modified and resent
  • Once approved orders go directly into your workflow
  • PDF Ideas or Sample Sheets are generated from Sample Manager
  • You can either print a sheet for a single sample or combine samples to create an ideas sheet
  • Quotation Sheets are created from Enquiry Manager
  • Sample sheets come in both portrait and landscape – they also feature a single image or up to 6 product images for products like grament
  • All sheets can carry your company branding
  • Click to view an example ideas sheet
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Gateway SPM Product Examples

Price Overview

Sample Manager

£99per month
  • Visualiser
  • Sample Manager
  • PDF Print Sheets
  • Embed on Website
  • Enquiry Manager
  • Usage Statistics & Reports
  • Add Own Products
  • Add Sample to Gateway OMS Order Manager

Sample & Proof Manager

£149per month
  • Visualiser
  • Sample Manager
  • PDF Print Sheets
  • Embed on Website
  • Enquiry Manager
  • Usage Statistics & Reports
  • Add Own Products
  • Proof Manager
  • Download PDF Proof Sign Off Sheet
  • Download Print Ready Artwork from 0.30p per job
  • Add Approved Proofs to Gateway OMS Order Manager

Example Websites Using Gateway SPM

Gateway SPM Enabled Suppliers


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