When you are specialising in producing and delivering orders of a single product then the cost of shipping often makes up a high percentage of the overall consumer cost – so as more than 20 million orders now pass through our systems we thought it would be a good idea to get some special shipping rates for our clients

We have also identified that with these special rates it makes it possible for suppliers to send their products internationally – an easy way for a business to expand. For an example a UK company can send most personalised products to Germany for around £4

Integration is also important as you really cannot afford to waste any time on despatching an order so we have also made sure we can work with all the main shipping companies

So Gateway OMS users can now enjoy

  1. Special shipping rates for products from as little as £2 including tracking
  2. Special rates and carriers to make international deliveries more affordable
  3. Seamless integration with carriers systems so no extra input required other than scanning in OMS

Detailed below are a few of the shipping companies we are now able to work with to help our customer make the most of the options above

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