In a difficult Q4 for many retailers it was good to see that personalised gifts continued to grow in popularity – confirming the findings of the Global Personalised Gifts Survey released last year suggesting that the market will continue to grow by 10% a year for the next few years

The popularity of personalised gifts has led to increased competition in the sector with companies like Next, Disney & Tesco Photo all increasing their personalised offering and sales in 2018

Personalised Gifts even got a mention in the recent Next Trading Statement „higher sales on seasonal products, such as personalised gifts and Beauty products“

After the trend set by The Handmade Christmas Company for Christmas Sacks in previous years lots of competition has appeared this year – but we have to say that the team at HMC continued to innovate with a great customisation experience and stylish new products like baubles and wrapping paper plus an expansion into other countries. A great lesson in how to deal with increased competition

Being involved in an expanding market sectors is exciting and seeing customers big and small grow their businesses in 2018 is exactly what Custom Gateway is all about. Everyone at CG knows we need to keep evolving our offering too to help our customers take best advantage

With orders reaching more than 70,000 per day in December we thought we should share a few ideas below on how we can help our customers continue to thrive

Ideas to Help Your Business Expand in Personalised Gifts

  • Expand Your Product Range – use our virtual product warehouse or supplier network
  • Expand into Photo Gifts – they represent almost 40% of the market – our smartlinks make this easy
  • Design sells – invest in quality designs or check out the best in class in our virtual product warehouse
  • Improve the Personalisation Experience – people want to see what they are buying and creating products is part of the buying experience