Project Description

  • Personalised gift retailer, Pretty Personal have recently launched their brand new Shopblocks page, featuring an exciting product range utlising our Virtual Product Warehouse , the world’s largest selection of personalised and print-on-demand products.

  • Using our network, the retailer is now sourcing a large array of personalised products including products from Content Gateway, In A Crystal and Custom Gifts.

  • Their product range is ever-expanding thanks to our VPW, and include the likes of stunning personalised homeware gifts such as cushions, aprons and clocks, along with the ever important face masks, reusable water bottles and so much more!

Pretty Personal, new retailers with an accompanying new Shopblocks website, recently expanded their range of personalised products by choosing to utilise our Virtual Product Warehouse and network to connect with the likes of Content Gateway, Custom Gifts and In A Crystal, offering various unique personalised and print on demand gifts to their customers.

The company pride themselves in helping customers make every special moment thoughtful, meaningful, heartfelt and truly sentimental. Bringing uniquely made items from impressive specialist designers and brands, the choices are endless for their customers as they look to grow from strength to strength.

The VPW offers personalised, print-on-demand and stock products for instant global dropship fulfilment with photo upload options, along with classic and licensed designs for your website and/or kiosk.

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