Project Description


As children begin to go back to school after the major global lockdown caused by COVID-19, what better way to introduce key elements of learning such as numeracy and the alphabet that with gorgeous, wipe clean, personalised wooden placemats. Perfect for both at home and in schools, each placemat can be used at breakfast, lunch and dinner and act as a fun learning tool too!

Featuring both mathematic questions (and answers!) and exciting alphabets that feature animals for every letter, children can enjoy learning the essentials while having a delicious meal. You can add text (of which there are various colours and fonts available) making each one personal to each and every child.

These blank products are a great blank canvas to make unique virtual products, perfect products for children as they begin to go back to school to start or continue their learning journey.

The choices are undeniably endless with Custom Gateway and our range of supplier blanks.

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