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Duffle Bags are back in fashion, or at least back in the gyms! Now that fitness suites are opening their doors the public again, after the majority of the lockdown begins to ease, these duffle bags are a great way to make a strong first impression when you walk through those changing room doors.

Spacious and affordable, the water-resistant small duffle bag is an essential for every budding athlete. The bag is designed with a durable 100% heavy duty polyester shell to protect your belongings and roomy side and main zippered compartments to carry all your items. You’ll have everything you need to succeed this gym season.

Best of all, you can personalise the bag with various colour palettes, images and text – making it an unbelievably versatile blank product giving you a huge array of choices to make it your own. Whether you personalise it with your name, initials or a motivational quote, there’s sure to be only one bag like yours. Each side of the bag is personalisable, making it incredibly unique.

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