Project Description


Christmas is coming! Yes, while it’s only August, it’s important you’re prepared for the biggest gifting event in the year. By listing your own personalised and photo-upload advent calendars, each and every calendar can be personal to each customer. Why not upload a photo of your favourite summer holiday to escape the winter blues, or a photo of your friends and family as you likely spend Christmas that little more distanced this year. Oh and did we mention, there is a high-quality filling of 24 individually packaged chocolates in every panel (available in four flavours of Sarotti ® and Confiserie Heidel ®). And after the chocolate, you can write/read a lovely personalised message in every door, and another small photo inside.

These blank products are a great blank canvas to make unique virtual products, with huge versatility, each product can be made its own.

The choices are undeniably endless with Custom Gateway and our range of supplier blanks.

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