We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Zapier a rather clever piece of cloud based software that we have now integrated with Gateway OMS and set up a series of off the shelf integrations for you This basically enables you to automatically grab orders from lots of different places and have them auto imported into Gateway OMS and then auto processed for fulfilment as usual

Imagine how much time this could save you if you are doing any manual order input.This works for the following main order types

  • Print On Demand
  • External Artwork Link
  • Stock Items
  • Previous Print Jobs

As well as the published templates below Zapier also supports lots of other eCommerce platforms and data storage apps

Realistically we think there are least 100 apps here that that you could integrate with Gateway OMS

More good news too we are in the final stages of connecting Gateway CPP to Zapier too – this means you will soon be able to auto publish products to your eCommerce platform too. Worth noting you can already do this on Magento with our auto import extension