We are really pleased to announce that we have teamed up with HP Indigo as a Solutions Partner & Innopartner. Working with HP as one of our machine & equipment partners it enables us to connect with over 4000 Indigo owners worldwide and help them create personalised & customised products

Launched at the HP VIP Event in Tel Aviv last week we were able to demonstrate how easy it was to create a personalised football gift using one of our smartlinks and see it become a high quality print delivered via the HP Print OS to the Indigo in less than a minute – proper on demand fulfilment with a global reach

“We are excited to welcome Custom Gateway as a HP-Indigo solution partner”, said Allon Maoz, Director of HP-Indigo Supplies, Media and Materials. “Custom Gateway opens the door to our worldwide print service providers network for merchandising opportunities by providing access to the world of licensed sports and entertainment content. In addition, Custom Gateway enables our creative customers to innovate new personalized or customized merchandising products. Customers have the option to use existing licensed images or create their own ideas and make them available across a variety of Custom Gateway Web to Print sales channels. In the last two years, we have engaged with numerous leading sports teams to enable customized and personalized merchandise printed by HP Indigo print service provider network. With the Custom Gateway platform, we can now offer an end-to-end solution that connects fans all over the world with their favourite teams and brands by enabling the creation of a large variety of customized merchandise with the renowned HP Indigo print quality, colour consistency and virtually unlimited applications possibilities”.