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Personalisation is the future, harness it today

Of the entire gift market, 40% consists of personalised products.

Deloitte. Consumer Survey 

Okay, but what is Live Product Preview?

Give your customers the ability to preview and edit their personalised product in real-time

Why not see for yourself…

Fully personalisable pullover hoodie with customisation options including:

  • Individual elements of the hoodie including left and right sides of the hood, the sleeves and the front and back

  • Customisable front pocket colours

  • Image upload capabilities, meaning hoodie can be unique to each and every customer

Need a little inspiration?

See what our customers are creating with our live preview software

Thomas Paul Clickit phone accessory


Personalised photo clock


Custom beach towels

Wall Art

Water Bottles

Manchester United travel mug


How can you harness live product preview?

Custom Gateway have created Smartlinks, which are plugins for your eCommerce website. These give your customers the ability to implement their own personalised products and take advantage of the tried and tested platform we offer.

Why should you use live product preview?

Increased Conversion Rates

Efficiency Improves Customer Experience

Add Unique Products With Little Effort

Enable Automatic Artwork Generation

Reduced Product Returns

A Growing Feature of eCommerce

We’re the experts in on demand… and our customers think so too!

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Custom Gateway is an invaluable part of our business. An incredible business, right at the very heart of eCommerce, today and in the future.

Jeremy Stakol, CEO, Lipsy

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