Product Integrations are an easy way to automatically upload and maintain your on demand product database inside Gateway CPP from another web based application.They are ideal for all types of On Demand Products and reduce the extra admin tasks associated with managing multiple product databases  Detailed below are the main types of products integrations currently available

Generic API

for developers to connect their applications

How It Works

Developers can use our JSON Restful API to automatically upload product data to Gateway CPP

Custom Integrations

Integrations with popular software & suppliers

What is Available

Our development team use our Generic API to enable product upload from popular cloud applications and leading on demand suppliers

Google Sheets

for direct import from 1000s of Cloud Apps

How It Works

Connect your Google Apps account and use Zapier to populate a Google Sheets template which auto uploads your products to Gateway CPP

CSV or XLS Import

for manual upload of data from spreadsheets

Your Options

Upload product data using either a comprehensive excel spreadsheet covering all fields or different quick csv imports for print on demand and virtual stock products

Connected Applications

Detailed below is a list of different application that have already been connected to Gateway CPP using the tools detailed above and can auto import product data

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