Gateway OMS is a specialist workflow and order management system designed especially for personalised and on demand products. Detailed below is an overview of the core functionality offered for accounting and details of the different accounting packages we can integrate with.

Generate Invoices

Automatically Send Invoices for Single Orders or Consolidated for Retailers

Reduces Admin as Generates & Sends Invoices Once Orders Delivered

Invoices can be generated either manually or automatically for one off sales like a B2C order or for a trade customer a consolidated invoice created every day, week or month

Post Invoices

Auto Adds Invoices to your Accounting System Once Generated

Save Duplicate Entry by Posting Invoice Details to your Accounts System

Once an invoice is generated it can be auto posted in your accounting system by using one of the integrations detailed below or running a report and doing a manual import


Comprehensive Range of Reports for Manual or Automated reporting

Easy to Access Full Audit Trail of Your Orders for Managing the Business

Flexible reporting engine that can run over 20 different types of reports for any chosen time period from sales summary to order status to detailed sales line reporting

Purchasing & Stock

Automated Stock Management & Purchase Order Generation

Manage stock required for order fulfilment

Keep track of your base or blank product needed to create personalised and on demand products. Raise purchase orders and book in stock when it arrives

Integrated Accounts Systems

Gateway OMS is integrated with several leading accounts packages which are detailed below and using our new Zapier integration can also be used with many additional accounting systems by creating a zap that uses our reporting tools. New accounts integrations can be added as bespoke development or via our API

Integrated Payment Systems

Most orders are already paid for before they are added to OMS or invoiced and paid for on a credit account however some companies in the on demand marketplace want to take payments automatically from trade customers in Gateway OMS so we have integrated with various payment systems to make this possible. Product personalisation apps used on Facebook or as POS Smartlinks can also be integrated directly with a payment gateway

Other Useful OMS Integrations

Latest Integrations