So you want to revamp your job sheets? Here we’ll discuss the power of a barcode-driven workflow, that can give you an unbeatable solution to speed up your workflow and improve your order accuracy. Developed by our team to offer a range of flexible solutions to suit your different product types, we have various barcode generation options, keeping your workflow efficient.

Why Should You Use Barcodes for Job Sheets?

When you’re producing thousands of print on demand textile products, it’s vital that each order is accurately tracked around your factory. Without this, errors can easily occur, creating the potential for delays, increased costs and will ultimately have a negative impact on both you and your customers. We’ve put a stop to this. You can even implement a ‚Double-Scan‘ method whereby you can scan once to view your product, and scan twice to send it to your printer.

Barcode Scanning

Where Can I Generate The Barcodes?

  • In The Product Artwork

  • With Picking Labels: Sticks to your product

  • Job Sheets: Perfect if you’re producing a variety of products

  • On Batch Sheets: Combining different orders onto a singular sheet

  • On Batch Sheet Labels

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Barcodes Are Just One Tool in an Effective Workflow

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