With stores up and down the country, Scribbler is the home of arguably some of the boldest, cheekiest and quirky products on the market. Greetings cards with a difference are Scribbler’s USP, as they proudly state: they aren’t like any other stationery and gift-ware company around here.

It’s worth noting that greetings cards are not their only product, though, as they also offer a selection of novelty and ‘naughty’ gifts, party games, pet toys and every possible piece of stationery you could wish for. And more recently, with the influx of mass-personalisation and customisation in the world of on demand, Scribbler have introduced custom cards along with photo upload gifts such as the popular Mush Cush Cushions.

As well as the humorous cards, the site offers a few different types of personaliation and everything is printed on demand on an HP Indigo for same-day dispatch. We have taken advantage of the rise in mobile phone use for online purchasing, by making it compatible for mobile.

Below you can read more about the personalisation options that we have on offer:

Personalisation Options

  • Choose what size card – we automatically generate different sized artwork dependant on user choice
  • No Other Personalisation – just buy the card blank
  • Scribble Inside – choose your layout inside the card and add your own text and images
  • Choose which pages to personalise and whether to upload your own handwriting
  • Personalise the Front – add names, photos and text to the design on the front of the card
  • Combine all 3 options on the same card