It might surprise you to know that – according to a 2015 study by Deloitte – that 1 in 5 consumers would be willing to pay a 20% premium for a personalized product. Since the study’s creation, it’s highly likely that this number has risen, given the explosive growth of social media dominance over the fashion industry and the desire for increased self-expression.

So, how does a brand like yours offer this to customers? Lucky for you, there’s now game-changing technology at your fingertips, that allows you to create three-dimensional visualisations of your products, with intuitive product personalization capabilities.

Try for yourself:

By giving your customers the ability to see their custom product in three dimensions before their eyes, you are able to transform the user-experiences into something that’s bespoke and captivating. So captivating, in fact, that Deloitte stated that this dynamic and interactive tool can increase conversions by up to 60% and reduces the number of returned products.

There are a number of simple to implement widgets that can connect to your eCommerce store, making the addition of this tool seamless and stress-free.

Alternatively, sometimes a product does not need an on-screen preview because it only requires simple text input, or is a fixed format print-on-demand product. Using SmartCodes, we can help you anticipate and cope with all of these options, using the server side methods, which means no extra development needed on your end and products can be live within minutes!

It’s never been a better time to implement this solution, one already being harnessed by the likes of Disney and more. We’re here to enable this solution for your brand.

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