At this years Spring Fair we are officially launching our solution to allow shops to sell personalised products instore without investing in a kiosk Custom Product Cards

We have been asked a few times what is the difference between a Custom Product Card and a traditional Gift Card so thought it might be useful to explain the main differences below

Key Benefits of Custom Product Cards

  • Can be set up to restrict to a single product or brand so like selling the actual product off your shelf rather than just a credit on your website
  • You do not need any technical support or involvement from your development team as Gateway CPP creates the codes and branded redemption pages
  • Retailers can add their own brand / choose product combinations so they can be made very bespoke for each shop
  • Redemption pages are non branded but can be modified with CSS to add retailer brand they also go direct to product and are much quicker and easier than a website to use
  • Many retailers do not like diverting customers to other peoples websites to redeem codes as they do not get the benefit of any additional spend – so Custom Gift Cards eliminates that concern