As our original business name „Gateway 3D“ suggests we have always been a leader in 3D personalisation but as we have learnt more and more about the business it has become clear that on some occasions 3D is overkill (and can also be time consuming and costly to set up for every product) – so we have come up with a solution that enables you to set up your products in 2D and then map them to a single 3D model enabling you to design in 2D and preview in 3D

Certain products like mugs & phone cases just look better in 3D as they give the customer a more realistic preview of what they are buying and allow them to see more details and product features. You can see this in action on lots of different websites but here are a couple of examples for you

  • Canvas Wall Art on the Max Spielmann Website lets you create different style canvas then preview the full wrap
  • You can create Phone Cases on the Skinit Website and then view how they wrap around the phone
  • Alternatively you can try the in page demo below