Raster image processing software (RIP) converts artwork files so that printers can understand and print them. Our Cloud RIP does this process in the cloud then sends the correctly formatted file directly to the nominated printer for automatic production.

In simple terms, our cloud RIP helps make your printers run better and provides a single interface for almost all on demand printers.

In the past people have either used the RIP that comes with a specific printer, or purchased them outright. Our cloud based model is different as we charge per job, rather than an upfront cost. This has several important advantages:

  • Single RIP will cope with almost all decoration techniques & prints

  • Rapid return on investment as easy to identify time & efficiency saving on each job

  • Lower capital investment needed to improve printer performance

  • No upgrade costs – RIP constantly update to accomodate new technology

  • Print modes and media types are already set up for you so less time wasting tweaking your RIP

Main Functionality

Most Common RIP Applications

  • Automatically add cut lines to files for print and cut (CVT)

  • Add layers both underbase and varnish to files for UV printing

  • Auto add starting co-ordinates for print heads for DTG printing

  • Apply complex ICC colour management rules to ensure best colour matching

  • Auto nest artwork to maximise media coverage (can also be used with OMS batching)

  • Make it easier to print a larger file for wide format printing

  • Run multiple printers and decoration techniques from a single interface

Supported Printers

The Cloud RIP Print Spooler is installed on a Windows PC connected to your printers and can send files direct to hundreds of different printers. Some of the main brands are listed below:

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