One of the most powerful and popular features of our Order & Workflow Manager is the ability to auto route and / or batch orders. This is traditional done based on product type or retailer but we have been asked for a few extra options to help improve workflow (especially at busy times of the year like now)

A few years ago we introduced the ability to route or batch an order based on the delivery address country so we were able to send orders for different countries to different production centres utilising our global supplier network and reducing shipping costs

Last year we added auto batching after a certain time with an option to merge products at that point too so it makes it easier to manage your workload when promised same day despatch for orders up to a certain time

Now this year we have added the ability to route or batch order based on

  • Delivery Service – so you can process your next day orders first
  • Colour – so you can produce orders of the same base colour at the same time – ideal for garment printing set ups
  • Size – in case you have a different set up for different sizes

For clarity it is probably worth explaining the difference between routing and batching

Routing – just add jobs to a specific machine or department and does not merge artwork or create batches
Batching – is when we take artwork from multiple jobs and merge together to create a single piece of artwork to enable faster printing

Hopefully this all helps to demonstrate the importance of a production and workflow system created for managing batches of 1