We often get asked who is your biggest competitor and although there are now many companies that do some of what we do there are not many that can provide a full platform and network for mass customisation and on demand fulfilment

So in many cases we would say that our biggest competitor is companies building their own systems. Although we understand the motivation to do this we do think that there are also many reasons not to try and detail below the top 10 reasons why we think partnering with us is a better option for many

  • Faster to Market – even if you have the resources available we have already developed our system so you will be able to go live much quicker and is this disruptive environment speed is essential to maintain market share
  • Cheaper – to build a mass customisation / on demand platform successfully you are going to have to put together and maintain a team of developers that will cost you over £100,000
  • Greater Experience – we have been doing this for over 5 years so have already come across many of the issues you will encounter and found solutions plus we will also always be on top of new trends & requirements
  • More Resources – we now have over 50 people in the team so have several specialists in each key area so no need to worry about staff leaving or being off sick
  • More Secure – when you are transferring personal data around systems security and compliance are essential. Our platform is regularly audited and we confirm to all major global regulations
  • Still Unique – one size does not fit all so we make sure our platform is flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Constantly Updated – requirements change. browsers are updates and technology becomes obsolete you need to make sure you are always prepared – we have to be as we are doing this for 100 of companies
  • Scalable – you need something that will work any where in the world and can cope with the peaks and troughs of a high traffic eCommerce website without costing the earth.
  • Integrations – whether its shipping providers, supplier ERP systems or specialist plugins you are likely to need to integrate with a lot of other systems to automate your on demand business. We have already done 100s
  • Supplier Network – it is not only about the software but also the number of companies connected that can supply products on demand – take a look at how many we have already connected