Watch Create Sell Print 2016 Live – The future for mass customization

Over the past 12 months more than 1000 people have watched the key note address from Create Sell Print 2015 so we thought this year we would let our increasing global customer base have the opportunity to watch the event […]

Individuelle Produkte im Einzelhandel (Retail)

Es hat lange gedauert, aber so langsam kommt die Produktindividualisierung im Einzelhandel an. Eines steht fest: Kunden möchten immer weniger Massenware konsumieren – Individuelle Produkte im Einzelhandel sind im Trend! Vielen Einzelhändlern und Online-Händlern stand der nicht vorhandene technologische Fortschritt […]

Die magische Zahl 1 – B2C und B2B eCommerce-Zielgruppen im Vergleich

Wussten Sie eigentlich, dass ein und dasselbe Produkt auf zwei unterschiedlichen Webseiten, die den gleichen Traffic haben, einmal eine conversation rate von 76 Prozent vorweist und einmal eine conversation rate von nur 23 Prozent. Wie kommt das?

Auf den beiden Webseiten, die bezüglich Aufbau und Bedienung identisch sind, […]

Print on Demand leicht gemacht – Hier Webinar von Freitag sehen

Das Vertrauen in den Kauf über das Internet ist so groß wie nie zuvor. Über 70 Prozent der jungen Käufer kaufen ohne große Voruntersuchungen über das Internet ein und vertrauen dabei meist auf Produkt-Bewertungen anderer Nutzer.

Print on demand wird dabei immer wichtiger, da es viele Vorteile […]

Zusammenarbeit EPSON und Gateway3D

Mit stolz dürfen wir verkünden, dass wir mit EPSON einen großartigen Partner gefunden haben, der zusammen mit uns den Markt für On Demand Print und Mass Customization ansteuern wird. Zu jedem EPSON Direct to Garment Drucker (SureColor SC-F2000) oder EPSON […]

Neue Vertriebswege, Märkte und Zielgruppen durch Print on Demand

Diesmal widmen wir uns dem Thema „Print on Demand“ und den neuen Vertriebswegen, die dadurch geschaffen werden. „Print on Demand“ bedeutet einfach ausgedrückt, dass der Auftrag erst dann produziert wird, wenn er eingeht. Dies bedeutet im Umkehrschluss, dass keine „vorgedruckten […]

How Production Templates Can Speed Up Your Print Process

We have done a couple of articles now on how to make the production of Personalized products efficient and profitable.

We can batch artwork into production templates in Gateway 3D’s OMS

A production sheet, is a sheet designed to perfectly fit your artwork […]

New Field Sales Team Smartlink Configuration

An increased use of tablets by sales people in the field has lead to an increasing demand for a specialist personalisation app to allow people on the road to create products with their customers then save and share the results. […]

Managing the Challenges of Producing Personalised Products Profitably

-There are so many great new printing machines available for creating personalised products nowdays but at the end of the day if you do have the ability to deliver the print jobs with the minimum of human interaction then it […]

What are Licensed Products?

One of the biggest drivers of sales for both personalised and on demand products is licensed content so we thought it might be useful to define exactly what are licensed products

There is often confusion about the difference between licensed products […]

Introducing Dynamic Designs

Dynamic Designs (also called template within a template) are a great new feature to enable you to re-use a pre-design or personalisable design on a wide range of different products without needing to set up a unique product for each […]

What to do if you are not getting the sales on your personalised or promotional products website

As our business is all about helping people create, sell and produce personalised products we do get to build and help develop hundreds of websites every year – some amazingly successful and some big failures – so we thought it […]

More Options for Selling Personalised Products Instore

Currently most sales for personalised products are made via eCommerce websites and although the market is still expanding rapidly this still leaves a big opportunity instore where over 80% of retail spend currently takes place.

Several of our supplier network partners […]

Pixabay & Fotolia Integration Added

We have just added 2 new image sources to our Product Personalisation Apps to enable your customers to select images from industry leading sources. Detailed below are the 2 new options – these add extensive photo libraries to the clip […]

Gateway CPP – Star Product in Print Week

The Gateway CPP (Custom Product Platform) gets a full write up in this months Print Week and we are pleased to be nominated as the star product You can read the full article here  The article reviews the various functionality […]

The Secrets of Being a Successful Customizer

We spend a lot of our time talking to people about Mass Customisation so over the years we have learnt a lot about what makes a mass customisation business successful. So detailed below are some really useful tips to help […]

How to Monetise Your Artwork, Designs & Identity

The Gateway 3D Supplier Network gives you the opportunity to create unique products and merchandise on demand without ever having to invest in stock. Basically you make money on every product you sell with everything being produced on demand and […]

Alternative Ways to Get Orders for Customisable Products

Although the market for selling customisable products online is still growing it is also important to be able to offer other ways of selling. As the graphic above illustrates products are also sold via mail order, telephone sales, instore kiosks and […]

Using CSS to Make Your Customiser Your Own

In a world where people are becoming increasingly used to using specialist tools like our product personalisation apps there is always the danger that websites can look very similar that is why we now have 10 Standard Templates and the […]

67 Different Configuration Options You Can Set via &c= in your Smartlink

After our recent article on 100+ standard features we got a lot of feedback saying how useful this was  – so thought we would take the time to explain the options available from the &c= variable in your Personalise-iT Smartlink […]

Come and see us at the Drupa Innovation Park in Dussledorf

We are pleased to announce that Gateway 3D will be attending DRUPA 2016 from May 31st to June 10th – we will be showcasing the latest developments in our mass customisation software for print on demand and product personalisation We […]